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Wedding Place Cards - Ideas for your Marbella wedding

Wedding Place Cards: Ideas for your Wedding in Marbella

Wedding Place Cards: Ideas for your Wedding in Marbella, with Spanish and beach inspired ideas.

Planning a Marbella wedding? At Costa Event, we believe that every small detail counts in making your wedding day perfect. One of those special details is your wedding place names. Wedding place names are one of the sweetest finishing touches to include at your wedding reception. They are a great way to add a personalised final touch without going over the wedding budget.

Wedding place cards are both practical and oh so pretty! On the practical side, they tell guests where they are sitting, so everyone can easily find their seats and get ready for the wedding reception. On the pretty side, they give you an opportunity to personalise your tables and make your guests feel extra special. Here are some of our favourite wedding place card ideas that will make your tables stand out and leave a lasting impression.

10. ⁠Laser cut Wooden Place cards

Wedding Place Cards: Laser wood

Wooden laser-cut names are a popular choice that also doubles as lovely keepsakes. Constructed from wood, these place cards add a rustic and stylish touch to your big day. Your guests will appreciate the effort of having each of their names laser cut, making them feel truly special.

9. ⁠Crystal Name Cards

Wedding Place Cards - crystals

For a touch of elegance and uniqueness, consider using glossy rose quartz instead of traditional place cards. Rose quartz, known as the love crystal, adds a soft pink hue and gentle energy to your wedding decor. Calligraphy on crystals can be a beautiful way to display your guests’ names while incorporating a meaningful element into your wedding theme.

8. ⁠Personalised Dessert Boxes

Combining place cards with wedding favours can be both practical and delightful. Personalised dessert boxes not only guide guests to their seats but also offer a sweet treat. You can fill them with local Spanish delicacies or seaside-inspired sweets to keep with your Marbella wedding theme.

7. ⁠ ⁠Sand-Filled Bottles

Wedding Place Cards - Sand filled bottles

Capture the essence of a beach wedding with small bottles filled with sand and a personalised tag. These charming place cards can be a lovely keepsake for guests to remind them of your beautiful seaside celebration.

 6.⁠ ⁠Tagged Driftwood Place Cards

Wedding Place Cards: Driftwood

Another nautical idea is using driftwood. Pieces of driftwood with tags or calligraphy bearing your guests’ names can be a stunning addition to your wedding decor. This idea brings a natural, beachy feel to your wedding and ties in beautifully with a coastal theme.

 5.⁠ ⁠Sea glass Wedding Place Cards

Wedding Place Cards: Sea Glass

Use sea glass for a unique and on-theme place card for your Marbella wedding. Painted or calligraphed glass with guests’ names are a simple yet effective way to enhance your beach wedding. This idea is not only looks great but also offers a lovely keepsake for your guests.

 4.⁠ ⁠Mini Succulents as Place Cards

Wedding Place Cards: Succulents

Succulents are a great way to add greenery and charm to your wedding decor. Mini succulents with personalised tags can serve as both place cards and wedding favors. Guests will be delighted to take home a living memento of your special day.

 3.⁠ ⁠Spanish Tile Place Cards

Spanish tiles for wedding name cards

Incorporate local culture into your wedding with beautifully painted Spanish tiles. These tiles can be personalised with guests’ names and double as unique decor elements that reflect the colors and heritage of Spain.

 2. Custom fans

Custom Fans for wedding name cards

Practical and stylish! Personalised fans can help keep guests cool during a sunny Marbella wedding while also serving as place cards. Choose fans that match your wedding colors and add a touch of Spanish flair.

1. Seashell Name Cards

Wedding Place Cards - Seashells

A personal favourite! Embrace the beach theme by using seashells as place cards. Each shell can be beautifully written with your guests’ names, adding a unique and memorable element to your table settings.

How to Write Nicely on a Place Card

For a professional look, consider hiring a calligrapher or brushing up on your wedding calligraphy basics. If you choose to DIY, order extras to test different inks and writing styles. Hiring a pro can save time and ensure that your place cards look elegant and consistent.

What to Write on a Wedding Place Card

You can simply add guests first names , their full name or even their nickname if you want to keep it fun and informal. You can also add table numbers for clearer organisation.  Sweet messages, or greetings like “welcome” or “at last” can add an extra special touch.

Are Place Cards Necessary at a Wedding?

While they are not absolutely necessary, place cards help guests find their seats more easily and reduce confusion at the reception. They also ensure that your guest list is fully accounted for. This can avoid any last-minute seating issues!

At Costa Event, we are here to help you create the wedding of your dreams in beautiful Marbella. With these creative wedding place name ideas, your wedding will be both memorable and personalised, leaving a lasting impression on your guests.