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Beach Wedding in Marbella - Decor and Inspiration

Winter Wedding in Marbella

Winter Wedding in Marbella

Hello winter lovebirds!

Imagine a winter wonderland where the Mediterranean sun meets the crisp charm of the season – welcome to your dream wedding in Marbella! Opting for a winter celebration in this Spanish paradise means embracing the great temperatures, which hover around a very comfortable 15-20°C. Marbella’s unique blend of sunny days and cool evenings provides the ideal temperature for a magical winter wedding. Here are 12 great ideas for your winter wedding in Marbella.

1. Muted colour palete

While rich jewel tones are synonymous with winter, consider a muted palette. Think slate grey bridesmaids’ dresses or an array of mismatched dusty blue gowns.

2. Evergreen magic

Capture the magic of the season with creative evergreen wreaths. These charming additions will add a touch of winter wonder to your wedding decor and transform your venue into a woodland dream.

Winter wedding in Marbella -Fairy lights

3. Enchanting fairy lights

Make everything sparkle with fairy lights! Whether indoors or outdoors, a string of sparkling fairy lights can set the perfect tone for your winter wedding. Dangle them from the ceiling, incorporate them into table decorations or create a majestic canopy at the reception.

4. Seasonal cake accents

Winter wedding cakes can make a statement without going over the top. Opt for a delicate, multi-coloured fondant cake accented with aspen leaves and pine cones for the perfect winter touch.

Winter wedding in Marbella - Cocktails

5. Signature Cocktails

Any drink can be made festive with the right name. Choose something seasonal or give your go-to cocktail a creative twist.

6. Winter Flowers

Flowers have a place at your winter wedding. Decorate your reception space or greet guests with stunning arrangements of winter blooms such as tulips, roses and seasonal greens.

7. Luxurious velvet décor

Velvet isn’t just for dresses – add a layer of luxury to your reception tables. Imagine simple wooden tables topped with velvet runners, antique candlesticks and cups filled with figs and pomegranates.

Winter wedding in Marbella - Citrus Centerpiece

8. Citrus centrepieces

Brighten up your winter wedding with vibrant citrus centrepieces. Use oranges, lemons and limes to add a pop of colour to your tables. Not only will they provide a refreshing visual appeal, but the citrusy aroma will add to the lively atmosphere.

9. Stargazing Lounge

Take advantage of Marbella’s clear winter skies by creating a stargazing lounge. Set up cosy seating and provide telescopes or star maps for guests to enjoy the beauty of the heavens. It’s a romantic and unique addition to your winter wedding.

10. Seasonal scented candles

Engage your guests’ senses with seasonal scented candles. Choose fragrances like cinnamon, pine or vanilla to fill the air with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Place these candles strategically throughout the venue for a sensory experience.

Winter wedding in Marbella - Sparkler send off

11. Sparkler send off

End your winter wedding in Marbella with a sparkler send-off. Provide guests with sparklers to light up the night as you make your grand exit. It adds a touch of magic to your farewell and creates stunning photo opportunities.

12. Fireworks finale

End your winter wedding in Marbella with a dazzling fireworks display. Illuminate the night sky with bursts of colour and create a spectacular finale to your magical celebration.

Winter wedding in Marbella - Fireworks Finale

Are you ready to make your dreams of a winter wedding in Marbella come true? As your wedding planner, I’m here to make it happen. Let’s create a day that reflects your style against the backdrop of Marbella’s unique winter charm. Contact me, Lisa Costello Allen of Costa Event, and let’s make your dream wedding a reality.